About Us

O’Live A Little Specialty Gourmet was inspired by Matthew & Jennifer Ostrowski’s love for and enjoyment in food & travel. Matthew, a successful Connecticut business man and Jennifer a trained Pastry Chef, who graduated from Johnson & Wales University School of Culinary Arts, experienced deliciously wonderful smells, flavors and sights while traveling, which in turn created the “Ah Ha Moment” when O’Live A Little Specialty Gourmet was born.

The smell, the color, the varying tastes of fresh Olives and Olive Oil were a revelation! “You mean Olive Oil really has a distinct flavor(s)?” they asked? Is it actually supposed to add flavor and dimension to food? With the first taste of French Olive Oil while vacationing in Southern France, Matthew & Jennifer had discovered something amazing. From this experience, they realized most people in the United States of America did not understand what good Olive Oil is supposed to taste like. For decades Americans have been fed poor quality grocery store Olive Oil! The fact that Olive Oil is truly delicious, has varying flavor profiles, can be used as a replacement to butter in most recipes (including baking) and will help all your food taste better was the best kept secret in the USA!!

Now, they search both the eastern and western hemispheres for Olive Oils & Vinegars of the highest quality and flavor. O’Live A Little Specialty Gourmet’s careful research, travel, tasting & importing ensures customers the best in flavor, freshness and selection. Matthew & Jennifer visit the growers and producers and are constantly looking for special flavors and varieties from Australia, Chile, Italy, Tunisia and beyond to share with O’Live A Little Specialty Gourmet’s customers.

Enjoy the fruits of their labor by simply walking into one of their stores for a “unique tasting experience” or, easily order on-line to start enjoying the smells and flavors of the old world and the new world in your home today!


O'Live A Little has been selected as a "Best in New England Editor's Choice Winner" in Yankee Magazine's 2012 Travel Guide to New England!